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Poster: Deadhead225 Date: Sep 20, 2012 2:45pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Forum Members Pet Picture Thread - Show Off Your Critters!

Funny. I thought if it had been a copperhead one of us would have been bitten for certain since I have seen them ambush people. You are a lucky soul and should be glad for soiled britches only in this case. We were in VA too. The "problem" is that so many rattlers have been killed that the ones that remain often don't rattle since the ones that do have been culled out. So... you don't get the benefit of the warning. Another time I went hiking up Spy Rock with my son. On the way down he sat on a big old log. I looked over and there was a BMF timber rattler as big around as my arm sitting right under him. I told him not to move and explained the situation. He got up slowly and with no Prob. Then some moron 20 somethings came along and started poking his ass with a stick repeatedly. He never did rattle nor did he spring his full body length the way I expected and bite their asses. I was really hoping for some kind of lesson.

Good advice on the pet font. I have a great vet who travels to do large animals and would probably do that. I am planning on having a living wake. He has been a friend to many and busted a criminal cold one night who never would have been caught without his uncharacteristic round of barking.